Manipuri Traditional Mayak Naiba Phanek (Green)

Manipuri Traditional Mayak Naiba Phanek (Green)

Traditional crafts & the culture

All made by a group of  amazing and inspirational women from Manipur who have all been the victims of gun violence in one way or another

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Color : Green

A special type of phanek ( wrap around ) known as the “Mayek Naiba Phanek ”which comes in horizontal stripes of three shades of color are worn during weddings, receptions, and other important occasions. Women used to don their respective types of the Mayek Naiba Phanek as marks of their respective clan identities. There are different motifs of Mayek Naiba Phanek namely: Khoijao lonbi mapan naibi, Khoi akoibi maoan naibi, Hiya mayek, Phige phijol mayek.

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